Bulgarian Programming

Started by Ivan Abadjiev, the most infamous style of weightlifting programming. Bulgaria was a powerhouse for several decades since the 1970s. Abadjiev’s programming is simple, but brutal.


  • Limited exercise selection (Snatch, Clean & Jerk, Front/Back Squat, Power movements)
  • Maximum attempts in every lift in every session
  • Low reps per set (1 or 2 reps)
  • 1-3 Sessions daily
  • Designed for Elite athletes at the peak of their career


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Russian Programming

Perhaps the most influential of all the programming styles, the Russian system has produced world champions continuously since the 1960s.


  • Incredibly data driven
  • Periodized with multi-week blocks of preparation, volume, peaking, etc.
  • Weight selection is based on prescribed percentages of maximums
  • Large variety of exercises for technique and weakness correction
  • Athlete’s training is categorized, planned, and tracked throughout their career


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